Venomous Bee | 10 Facts About Honeybees

Venomous Bee, 10 Facts About Honeybees

  Bees are active from spring to autumn and play an important role in maintaining the balance of the natural world, such as pollinating plants. (Venomous Bee) Although he has a venomous sting, he has a relatively gentle personality and will not be stabbed unless provoked. In the spring-summer season, dozens of bees can be found … Read more

What is Ultraviolet C Light | How effective is UVC on viruses?

Ultraviolet C Light, How effective is UVC on viruses?

  The full name of UCV is Ultraviolet C Light Radiation. This is commonly called ultraviolet rays. Ultraviolet light has been used for centuries to kill all kinds of viruses and bacteria. Ultraviolet light is most commonly used to kill bacteria present in a surface or environment. It was used the most during the Corona … Read more

What foods are high in Potassium | Health Benefits of Potassium

What foods are high in Potassium

  Potassium is an important mineral that is considered essential for a person’s life. It is one of the most important minerals needed for the proper functioning of the kidneys, (What foods are high in Potassium) heart and other vital organs of the body. It is one of the seven important macro minerals which include magnesium, … Read more