Explain How An Electric Motor Works | Stator and Drum Anchor

Explain How An Electric Motor Works

  Explain How An Electric Motor Works In simple words, an electric motor or e-motor is an electromechanical converter that generates mechanical power from electrical power. As a result, electric motors have a power connection to which electrical energy is supplied.  The mechanical output, designed as a shaft in the simplest case, rotates and acts … Read more

Rare Earth Magnetism | Magnetic properties and Types

Rare Earth Magnetism

  Rare Earth Magnetism  Rare earth Magnetism are powerful permanent magnets composed of alloys of rare earth elements. Developed in the 1970s and 1980s, rare earth magnets are the most powerful type of permanent magnets, as they produce a significantly stronger magnetic field than other types such as ferrite or alnico magnets. The magnetic field … Read more

Types Of Magnet | The substances that make a Magnet Magnetize

Types Of Magnet

  Magnets are now a part of our daily lives. Already in the school period, we learn to understand their function and how to use them. (Types Of Magnet) Magnets create a magnetic field, where two poles are automatically created, which align and will be oriented towards the north and south poles respectively. Different materials, such … Read more

What Is Magnetic Field | Properties Of Magnet

What Is Magnetic Field, Properties Of Magnet

  What Is Magnetic Field Magnetic fields are caused by moving electric charges (current flows). In permanent magnets, electric currents are the cause of fields at the atomic level. Like the electric field, the magnetic field is also a force field. It can exert force on magnets, on magnetic materials, or on moving electric charges. … Read more