How does an Inverter work | Inverter Circuit Principle

How does an Inverter work

  Special electronic power devices called inverters are used to convert direct current and alternating current. (How does an Inverter work)   Often, an inverter converts a DC voltage of one magnitude into an AC voltage of another magnitude.  Thus, an inverter is a generator of periodically varying voltage, while the voltage waveform can be … Read more

What is Ultraviolet C Light | How effective is UVC on viruses?

Ultraviolet C Light, How effective is UVC on viruses?

  The full name of UCV is Ultraviolet C Light Radiation. This is commonly called ultraviolet rays. Ultraviolet light has been used for centuries to kill all kinds of viruses and bacteria. Ultraviolet light is most commonly used to kill bacteria present in a surface or environment. It was used the most during the Corona … Read more

How do Microchips work | Who invented the Microchip

How do Microchips work, Who invented the Microchip

  How Do Microchips Work  Microchips are small silicon plates. Plates where highly complex microelectronic components are located, so-called integrated circuits, transistors, diodes and various types of sensors. All these “small objects” are mostly made of semiconductors made from silicon. Semiconductors are objects whose electrical conductivity travels between conductors (metals) and insulators (glass and ceramic … Read more