Effect Air Pollution | Health Effects Of Air Pollution

1. Effect Air Pollution 

2. Health Effects Of Air Pollution

Due to the pollution spread by humans on the earth, human beings have to face new diseases every now and then. Day by day the fresh air of the environment is getting polluted due to the addition of particulates, organic molecules, and other harmful materials. Air pollution is one of the major environmental problems which needs to be addressed and solved by collective efforts of all. 

Air is an essential element of life on earth. From this, animals and living beings get oxygen, which is the basis of life, and from this the plant gets carbon-di-oxide, which nourishes it. The atmosphere is like a blanket, without which the temperature will be high or very low. 

The atmosphere itself protects us from ultraviolet rays and destroys meteors by burning them. In fact, the external effect on the gases present in the air is responsible for air pollution. Our earth’s atmosphere is made up of different types of gases, in which oxygen is needed for the life of humans and other living organisms. 



Effect air pollution 

  1. The amount of oxygen in our atmosphere was 24%, but gradually its quantity is decreasing. According to research, the amount of oxygen in our atmosphere is only 22%. 
  2. Due to lack of clean air and oxygen, animals are dying prematurely and some species have become extinct as well. If air pollution continues like this, then one day all the animal species will become extinct.
  3. Due to air pollution, many types of harmful substances are also found in the pure air, due to which acid rain occurs. Which in common language we also call acid rain. Due to dissolving in water, it goes directly into our body, which causes many types of diseases.
  4. According to research, if air pollution continues to increase at this rapid rate, then by 2050 the Earth’s atmosphere will increase by 4 to 5 degrees. Whereas if the Earth’s temperature rises even by 2 to 3%, then the ice glaciers of the Earth will melt, which can cause severe floods and destroy the entire Earth. 




Health effects of air pollution 

Effect Air Pollution | Health Effects Of Air Pollution

Air pollution has a bad effect on physical and psychological health. Pollution causes damage to many parts of the body. According to the report of the World Health Organization, 7 million people die every year due to polluted air. In the last 30 years, many harmful effects on health have been found due to air pollution. These include respiratory diseases such as asthma and lung problems, cardiovascular diseases, adverse pregnancy outcomes such as premature labor and even death. 

  • As the amount of carbon dioxide in the Earth’s atmosphere increases, the ozone layer that protects the Earth is getting thinner. Due to which the harmful rays coming from the list fall directly on us, which is causing diseases like skin cancer.
  • Asthma, cancer, headache, stomach diseases, allergies, heart disease can occur due to air pollution, which is very harmful for our health. Many people die every day due to these diseases. 
  • Air pollution contains many types of poisonous gases, due to which there can be burning in the eyes, cataracts, and many types of eye diseases. 


[Effect Air Pollution | Health Effects Of Air Pollution]

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