Gravity of Earth


Gravitational Force 

It is said that one day in 1666, the English scholar Isaac Newton was resting under a tree when an apple fell on his head. Picking up the fruit, (Gravity of Earth) Newton wondered by what strange physical mechanism all the objects of the world, in the absence of a support, would fall to the ground. That, according to the story, was the first step towards the discovery of the force of gravity! 


Newtonian Theory 

Today we do not know whether the apple phenomenon actually occurred, but undoubtedly Sir Isaac Newton was the first to lay a theoretical foundation about the existence of a force that not only causes objects to fall to the ground, but which allows Gives that any body present on the earth does not float. 

We are obviously talking about gravity, the word for which comes from the Latin word gravis, which means “heavy”. Gravity is actually also called the weight force (it is what determines the weight of objects) and is a universal force that acts on everything in the universe. 

Gravity of Earth

Gravity of Earth  

Therefore the earth attracts all other infinitely small objects (people, animals, houses, plants; in short, everything!) to its center and that is why whatever is dropped goes downwards. (hence toward the center of the planet) the motion called “acceleration of gravity”. 

Near the Earth’s surface it is calculated at about 9.8 meters per second squared. Like all forces, the force of gravity decreases with increasing distance from the center of attraction: this is why on Mount Everest, for example, a body weighs slightly less than on the field. 


Law of Gravity 

The law of gravity states that (mass) bodies attract each other. Attraction diminishes with increasing distance between people. That’s why apples fall from the tree to the earth instead of floating around, but the moon or the sun, both far away, do not fall on our heads. They have their own gravitational pull, just like Earth’s. That’s why we humans always stay on the ground instead of floating weightless in the field like astronauts.

Gravity of Earth

Experience gravity in a playful way! 

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[Gravity of Earth | Experience gravity in a playful way!]


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