How effective is the flu vaccine | How vaccine works

  1. How effective is the flu vaccine
  2. When should the vaccine be given?
  3. How vaccine works

Flu is a type of virus infection, which affects the respiratory system of the patient. Sometimes it can also prove to be fatal. Children as well as adults, especially pregnant women and people with weakened immune systems, are most at risk of contracting the flu virus. The easiest and most effective way to avoid this disease is ‘vaccine’.

How effective is the flu vaccine 

Vaccines are required every year to prevent seasonal flu. Recently, there have been many such cases, when a person got infected even after being vaccinated. This led many to believe that flu vaccines were ineffective. However, scientists do not agree with this. He says the flu vaccine is not ineffective. Yes, if the vaccine is not vaccinated properly and at a certain time, its effect is definitely reduced. 

The Immunization Practices Advisory Committee first issued a warning about the effectiveness of the flu vaccine. He said that the elderly 65 or older should not get vaccinated too long before the flu season, because within a few months the antibodies made in the body due to the vaccine start decreasing. 

The same thing has come to the fore in many subsequent researches. According to research done in Europe, its effect starts decreasing one or two months after vaccination. 

After research on people who got the flu vaccine in 2011-12, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention claims that the effectiveness of the vaccine is reduced by 6 to 11 percent every month. In such a situation, the timing of vaccination becomes most important. 

When should the vaccine be given?

To avoid seasonal flu, it is important to get vaccinated on time. Only by doing this can the person remain safe at the time of infection. According to scientists, the flu spreads more during the winter season. That is why vaccination should be done neither during the summer nor after the onset of winter. October may be the best time for most people to get vaccinated. 

How vaccine works 

The body starts producing antibodies about two weeks after being vaccinated. These antibodies protect the body from all the viruses that were present in the vaccine. Because the flu virus is constantly changing. That’s why new flu vaccines are created every two years.

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