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According to a study published in Science Advances, 9.1 billion tons of plastic have been produced since mass production began in the 1950s, of which nearly half have been produced in the past decade. (Plastic Harmful Effects) Of that amount, 6.9 billion tonnes has already been disposed of as waste, of which only 9% has been recycled. 79% have been littered or landfilled (the rest are still in use).

The excessive use of harmful plastic things in life has a deadly effect on the internal organs of our body and becomes a major cause of cancer. From home furniture, kitchen utensils, cups, cups, glasses, plates, water jars and water bottles, to medicine vials, we adopt plastic alternatives and never think that unknowingly in our stomach, lungs. In, how large a quantity of plastic particles are reaching the kidney. These microscopic particles of plastic are like slow poison for our body.


Plastic Harmful Effects 

Plastic pollution has become a worrying topic for the whole world. Tough decisions like a ban on plastic bags are being taken by the governments of many countries regarding this issue. Even after this, the solution to this problem is possible only when all of us are aware about this problem and contribute our bit in preventing it.



Pollutes Water 

The waste generated from plastic gets into the water sources such as rivers, seas and oceans and affects them in a bad way. This water is delivered to us for our use, no matter how much we filter it, it can never come back to its original state and the use of this water also has a negative effect on our health.

Plastic Harmful Effects, Pollutes The Land

Pollutes The Land 

Large amounts of plastic waste are disposed of in landfills. Apart from this, when blown by the wind, small pieces of plastic are flown from one place to another and these pieces of plastic produce harmful chemicals which destroy the properties and fertility of the soil. It also affects the growth of trees and plants, apart from this, mosquitoes and other types of insects are generated from the waste plastic which spreads many diseases.

Plastic Harmful Effects, Pollutes The Land

Threat to Marine Life 

Plastic bags and other plastic wastes reach rivers and seas. It is mistakenly eaten by sea creatures as their food, due to which they fall ill. 

Plastic Harmful Effects, Pollutes The Land

Harmful To Animals 

Most of the free food is eaten by the animals thrown in the garbage. They eat plastic bags with their food, which get stuck in their intestines, which eventually either leads to their death or causes many serious diseases inside them. 




Plastic pollution is a serious concern all over the world. It is increasing even more because of our carelessness. This is the time when we need to take tough decisions to solve this.


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