Recycling Water | Water Reclamation System

Recycling Water, Water Reclamation System

  Recycling Water Wastewater technology is at the threshold of what scientists call a paradigm shift. The future lies in the reuse of water.¬† Thanks to membrane technology, this is technically possible. The polluted water is filtered and pressurized through a series of membranes with extremely fine pores. Most unwanted substances, including bacteria, are filtered … Read more


Desalination Definition

  Desalination Definition¬† Seawater desalination is the production of drinking water or process water for industrial or power plants from seawater by reducing the salt content. Desalination can be based on a variety of processes that remove salts and minerals from water.¬† In some cases, this results in usable by-products such as table salt. Desalination … Read more