The function of the pancreas | And 2 important functions

1. What is Pancreas

2. Pancreas Organ Has Two Important Functions 

3. The Function Of The Pancreas

The pancreas is the most important gland of the digestive system, found behind the stomach and near the small intestine. The pancreas is an integral part of both the digestive system and the endocrine system. The pancreas contributes to an important function of the digestive system and produces insulin to control blood sugar levels.

What is Pancreas

Pancreas is a gland located in the stomach and is part of the digestive system. It produces insulin and other important enzymes and hormones. These insulin and enzymes help break down foods. From which the body gets energy.

Enzymes and digestive juices are released through the pancreas and sent to the small intestine. Where it reduces the continuous breakdown of food in the stomach. 

The pancreas also produces the hormone, insulin, which regulates the body’s glucose or sugar levels in the bloodstream. Problems with insulin control can lead to diabetes.

Pancreas Organ Has Two Important Functions

  • Pancreas make enzymes which are helpful in digesting carbohydrates, proteins and fats in the intestines.
  • Production of insulin and glucagon hormones.

The Function Of The Pancreas

The function of the pancreas

Insulin works by reducing the amount of glucose in the blood. Due to this, the sugar level in the body remains low, due to which the cells are able to use glucose for their work

Insulin allows glucose to flow to other muscles and tissues. This hormone is stored in the liver, due to which the synthesis of fatty acids and the movement of amino acids are facilitated. 

If there is no flow of insulin from the pancreas, then type I diabetes can occur. Another hormone released from the pancreas, [The function of the pancreas] glucagon, works to increase the sugar level in the blood. Insulin and glucagon together maintain the amount of sugar in the blood.

The second important function of the pancreas is to produce and flush out the fluids useful for digestion. When food enters the stomach, pancreatic juices travel through small ducts found in the pancreas to the bile duct and then to the gall bladder where they mix with bile juices to aid in digestion.

[The function of the pancreas]

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