What Is Oxidation | Oxidation of the body also happens


What Is Oxidation 

Oxidation is a chemical process in which the oxidation state of an atom of an oxidized substance increases through the transfer of electrons from an oxidizing agent (electron donor) to an oxidizing agent (electron acceptor). 

The term was introduced in the late 18th – early 19th century. Acad VM was used to designate the reactions of Severgin and the interaction of substances with atmospheric oxygen. 

In some cases, during oxidation, the molecule of the starting substance may become unstable and break into more stable and smaller parts. In addition, some atoms of the resulting molecules have higher oxidation states than similar atoms in the parent molecule. 


Oxidation of the body also happens 

When the body becomes oxidized, aging events such as shoulder stiffness, chronic fatigue, rough skin and high blood pressure occur one after the other. It is believed that puberty cannot be well maintained. 

And it’s a substance called “active oxygen” that causes the body to oxidize. If this active oxygen is increased too much, the body will be damaged by oxidation and cause various phenomena. 



Types Of Oxidation 

1. The addition of a substance with oxygen or other negatively electronegative element is called oxidation. 


2. The removal of hydrogen or a positively electronegative element from a substance is called oxidation.  

3. An increase in the valency of an element is called oxidation. 



In an air environment (and in pure oxygen), various substances are capable of burning: simple elements (metals and nonmetals), inorganic (for example, hydrogen sulfide H2S, carbon monoxide CO, pyrite FeS2) and organic matter.  

However, the greatest practical value as flammable materials (fuels) are: natural gas, oil, coal, peat, etc. These substances consist mainly of complex mixtures of hydrocarbons, with a negligible content of oxygen- sulfur- and nitrogen-containing organics. Compounds and other items containing trace amounts of compounds.


(What Is Oxidation | Oxidation of the body also happens)


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