Who Invented Telescope | Who Invented Telescope In 1608


What is telescope 

Telescope is such a device, (Who Invented Telescope ) through which distant objects can be seen easily. It consists of lenses or curved mirrors, which focus the rays of light on a single point. By which objects can be seen in large sizes. 

In earlier times, curved glass i.e. lenses were used in telescopes, but in modern times curved mirrors are used. Due to the shape of the mirror or lens, the light gets focused on a single point. Use a mirror before a lens because it is easier to make a mirror a perfectly smooth surface than a lens, and mirrors are lighter than lenses, allowing the telescope to reposition or launch into space. There was no problem. 

The farther away things can be seen easily with the telescope, the clearer the distant object is to be seen, the bigger the lens or mirror has to be in the telescope. So that more light goes into the telescope and can be focused on a single point. Large and thick lenses are helpful in seeing distant objects. 


Who Invented Telescope In 1608 

It remains a mystery who first invented the telescope, it is believed that the telescope was probably first constructed using a lens in the 15th century. But today no one knows about it because of not bringing it to the world. 

In 1608, Hans Lippershey, an eyeglass maker from the Netherlands, applied for a patent for the telescope. (Who Invented Telescope In 1608) This was the first time someone was holding the telescope in front of the world. Hans Lippershey used to say that this technique of his shows things by making things three times bigger. How Hans Lippershey built the telescope is also unclear.

Some believe that Hans Lippershey saw two children playing with lenses in the shop and saw large objects across the lens, which led him to the idea of building a telescope.

A few weeks after Lippershey’s patent was filed, a man from the Netherlands named Jacob Metius applied for a telescope patent. The Netherlands government rejected the application of both the people on the grounds of counterclaim. 


Who Invented Telescope 

He was an Italian physicist and astronomer. Galileo is considered the father of observational astronomy. Galileo studied motion and velocity, gravity, inertia, projectile motion, and worked in science and technology, including pendulums and hydrostatic balance, building telescopes to search for celestial objects, etc. These include telescopic confirmation of the phases of Venus, the discovery of the four largest satellites of Jupiter, observations of Saturn’s rings, and analysis of the Sun’s spots. 

Who Invented Telescope, Who Invented Telescope In 1608

In 1609 the great Italian scientist Galileo Galilei built a telescope of his own after the invention of Hans Lipperhey ‘s telescope. And for the first time it was used in astronomical observation, when Galileo directed his telescope to the sky.

By 1610, Galileo had built a telescope showing objects 30 times larger, making Galileo the first to discover mountains and craters on the Moon. And he saw the rings of Vrispati and Saturn, even the moon of Vrispati. Galileo’s interest in space grew. Galileo also accepted the Copernican Model as correct, in which the Sun was considered the center of space, and all the planets revolved around the Sun at the same speed.



Types of Telescope 

There are two types of binoculars or telescopes. 

  1. Reflecting Telescope :– This telescope uses the electromagnetic spectrum to show the near-image of any object. In this telescope, a mirror is used instead of a lens. The object can be seen directly with the eye in binoculars.
  2. Refractive Telescopes :– There are two types of refracting telescopes – astronomical telescopes and optical telescopes. Astronomical telescope is used to view celestial objects. (Who Invented Telescope ) In this telescope the image of the object is inverted. An optical telescope is a common telescope used to view objects on Earth. 

Who Invented Telescope, Who Invented Telescope In 1608

At present, millions of times powerful telescopes have been made which are observing the universe. New discoveries are being made every day with the help of these telescopes. We are seeing planets and stars located millions of light years away from Earth. 


[Who Invented Telescope | Who Invented Telescope In 1608] 


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