Who invented the WiFi |The History Of Wi-Fi Network

1. Who invented the WiFi 

2. The History Of Wi-Fi Network 

3. The Wi-Fi Technology 

In the age of technology, everyone uses Wi-Fi. The internet had come a long time ago, but at that time it could be used only through Cable. For example, you can see the Telephone Booth, earlier the cable had to be used to make phone calls or to use the Internet. But in the modern era of this technology, the use of cable has reduced to a great extent and instead of cable, we are using networks like Wi-Fi. 


Who invented the Wifi

Wi-Fi was invented together by “John O’Sullivan“, a radio astronomer living in Australia and his colleagues. At that time he used to work for the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization (CSIRO).

The History Of Wi-Fi Network 

History of Wi-Fi – In the year 1997, the first wifi technology was commercially released for the use of the people. Although this technology was invented long back and its credit goes to many people who have contributed in improving it over time. 

Many people and companies have worked on this technology to develop wifi technology from 1971 to 1991, in which the name of John Deane, who worked with Australia’s radio astronomer John O’Sullivan, was prominently named. It is known because these people worked remarkably hard in developing Wi-Fi technology. 

The commercial use of Wi-Fi for the first time for the general public, as we mentioned earlier, started in 1997 and its first version is called 802.11 protocol. Whose speed was 2 Mbit / s link speeds. After its initial phase, the version of wifi developed further over time and its second version was 802.11b, whose speed was 11 Mbit / s, and due to this, Wi-Fi became more popular over time. In the year 1999, a non-profit organization.

The Wi-Fi Alliance, formed a trade association so that the Wi-Fi trademark should be registered and its | To be regulated It is a non-profit organization that still promotes Wi-Fi technology and also gives certificates to all the products that are on Wi-Fi technology in the market. 

The Wi-Fi Technology 

Who invented the WiFi |The History Of Wi-Fi Network

The Wi-Fi technology that works through electromagnetic waves and it runs on two frequencies which is 2.4Ghz (which we also known as 802.11b standard) and the other is 5Ghz (which we also known as 802.11a standard). know). [Who invented the WiFi] For many years, the 2.4Ghz band has been the band of choice for Wi-Fi users because it was cheaper than the 11a band, but this situation changed in the coming years and since the year 2003 came up to the 802.11g standard. 

In addition to more range, speed also improved and gradually people started giving priority to it over wired connection and after that in 2009 another version of Wi-Fi came which was called 802.11n which is much better and better than its old technology. 

Due to which the popularity of Wi-Fi jumped rapidly and due to this a new problem emerged which was the problem of overcrowding ie when the number of devices working on 2.4 Ghz started increasing because almost everywhere. And every person had some kind of wifi devices which used to work on this frequency, then each other devices started interfering with each other, due to which it started affecting the efficiency of the devices. 

To get around this problem, Dual-Band Routers were used, which had radios capable of working on both 2.4 Ghz and 5 Ghz frequencies that could work simultaneously, [Who invented the WiFi] usually through the 5Ghz frequency of the equipment. Used to work but the 2.4 Ghz frequency can also be used if necessary. Even today, these things should be kept in mind while taking a router.

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