2011 Tsunami In Japan | Why Do Tsunamis Come?

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2011 tsunami in japan | Why do tsunamis come?


2011 tsunami in japan:- The most prominent of the incidents recorded in the history of March 11 is the massive earthquake in Japan and then the catastrophic tsunami that occurred in the sea.

 It was the day of March 11, 2011, when a massive 9 magnitude earthquake struck the Richter scale in the sea near Tohoku off the Pacific coast in Japan, causing a devastating tsunami and killing more than 10,872 people as well as causing heavy property damage, it was the most powerful earthquake in Japan’s history so far.

Tsunami :- Actually, these are very long waves – hundreds of kilometers in width, that is, the distance between the lower parts of the waves is hundreds of kilometers. 

But when they come near the coast, the lower part of the waves starts touching the ground, – their speed decreases, and the height increases, in such a situation, when they hit the coast, there is catastrophe, Speed ​​up to 400 kilometers per hour, and altitude 10 to 17 meters.


Why do tsunamis come?

There are many reasons behind tsunami waves, but the most effective reason is earthquake, apart from this, tsunami waves also arise due to ground subsidence, volcanic eruptions, some kind of eruption and sometimes the impact of meteorite.

Just as scientists cannot predict earthquakes, [Why do tsunamis come?] so can not guess tsunamis. But by looking at the record of the tsunami so far and the condition of the continents, scientists can make some guesses.

Wherever the plates or layers of the earth meet, there is a greater risk of tsunami in the surrounding sea, like where the Australian layer and the Eurasian layer meet, it is located Sumatra which is connected to the Philippine layer on the other side, the havoc of tsunami waves has been seen there in terrible form.

2011 tsunami in japan | Why do tsunamis come?

2011 Tsunami In Japan

The earthquake in Japan resulted in 10 (meter 33 ft) high tsunami waves that wreaked havoc in the coastal areas of Japan, in Japan, the waves reached within 10 kilometers of the coast.

Japan’s National Police Agency has officially confirmed the deaths of 10,872 people, [2011 Tsunami In Japan] injuries to 2,776 people, and the disappearance of 16,244 people in 16 provinces of Japan, but casualties are much higher, according to unofficial reports.

2011 tsunami in japan | Why do tsunamis come?

The earthquake has caused extensive damage in Japan, including heavy damage to roads and railways, as well as damage to fire from place to place, In the earthquake, [2011 Tsunami In Japan] 40 lakh houses have been damaged in the vicinity of Tokyo, The inundation of water was so fast that cars, buses, jeeps and big vehicles got swept away in the water.

2011 tsunami in japan | Why do tsunamis come?

It is being told that Japan had lost 25 trillion yen due to this accident, japan spent 31.3 trillion yen to resettle itself, it is said that this amount is equal to the economy of Egypt, according to media reports, Japan is going to spend 16 trillion yen more in the next five years.


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