Battery plus bulbs | Inverter LED Bulb Mode

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battery plus bulbs

These LED battery plus bulbs will continue to burn for 4 hours even after the lights go out, no need to charge separately; Up to 2 years warranty 

Battery plus bulbs

There are now LED bulbs in the market, which will continue to illuminate the house even after the lights go out.  Yes, these are called LED inverter bulbs.  They can be used on both AC and DC.  

These battery plus bulbs are now being made by many companies. They also give a warranty of up to 2 years on these. These bulbs are easily available in the market both online and offline.

Power solution company Su-Kam is also making LED inverter bulbs. He claims that even after the light goes out, this bulb burns non-stop for 4 hours.

Not only that, this direct does not turn off, but its light decreases. It turns on in micro seconds when the light goes on. 

These bulbs have a rechargeable battery, which keeps charging. It is auto cut off after full charge. Such a bulb has 3 different face modes.

battery plus bulbs

Inverter LED Bulb Mode

Mode 1: It is fixed in the holder, where it keeps charging. When the light goes out, it turns on auto.

Mode 2: Putting it in the holder can turn off the charging output from the switch. That is, it will be backed up with the help of battery.

Mode 3: It will charge, but the light will not turn on. That is, you will be able to turn it on at your own will.



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