Causes of landslide | Effects of landslide

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Causes of landslides | Effects of landslide

1. Causes of landslide


2. Effects of landslide


Landslide is a natural disaster or event that involves movement or fall of land area from one place to another, rocky soil flow or rock fall. Landslides cause loss of both people and wealth, whose average speed is 260 feet per second. Landslides occur due to the force of gravity, erosion by rivers, deforestation, wrong farming system etc., due to which there are possibilities of causing huge damage to humans and all other living beings. 




Causes of landslide

A single cause cannot be considered responsible for a landslide, but many factors together give rise to a disaster like landslide. 

Causes of landslides | Effects of landslide


There is also the possibility of landslides due to gravity. Due to the effect of gravitational force in steep and large rocks, landslides occur in these rocks. 


Excessive erosion of forests is a major cause of landslides. Due to excessive erosion of forests, the land gradually starts to weaken, due to which there is sudden or gradual erosion of the soil which is called landslide. Plantation is the best way to prevent landslides. The place where the number of forests is high, the chances of landslides are the least at that place. 


An earthquake is a natural disaster that affects a certain area internally and is associated with tectonic forces. Earthquakes are the cause of landslides because due to the vibrations caused by earthquakes, the land becomes so weak that erosion or erosion occurs in it, whose huge form is called landslide. 

Volcanic eruptions 

Due to the vibration caused by the eruption of a volcano, when the land starts sliding or cutting down in the adjacent areas, it is called landslide. 


Climate in which rainfall is the most important factor in the causes of landslides. In areas where the climate is more rainy, due to excess rainfall, the ground becomes saturated, due to which the amount of excess water is found in the land, it becomes weak. Therefore, excessive and heavy rainfall also causes landslides. 



Effects of landslide 

Landslides block the course of rivers. So somewhere it blocks the routes of traffic. Public life gets disturbed due to blockade of the road. The equilibrium of supply over demand is disturbed. If a landslide occurs in populated areas, it causes loss of both public and wealth. People get buried in the pile of rubble of the house. 

Landslides block the course of rivers. And there a temporary lake is formed. If this lake ever breaks, there is a loss of public money due to floods.


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