Distance from earth to jupiter | Jupiter gravity

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Distance from earth to jupiter | Jupiter gravity

Distance from earth to jupiter


 Distance from earth to jupiter:- Both Earth and Jupiter planets travel in an elliptical path around the Sun, Jupiter’s distance from Earth is constantly changing. The average distance of the two planets is 378,038,011 miles (608,365,000 kilometers). 

Jupiter is the fifth planet from the Sun and the largest planet in our solar system. It is primarily a gas body whose mass is equal to one thousandth of the Sun and two and a half times the total mass of the other seven planets present in the Solar System, (Distance from earth to jupiter) jupiter is classified as a gaseous planet along with Saturn, Arun and Varuna, it can be seen with naked eyes at night. 

The planet has been known by astronomers since ancient times, and was associated with the mythology and religious beliefs of many cultures. 

Roman civilization named it after its deity Jupiter, when viewed from Earth, jupiter can reach a record relative to -2.94, bright enough to cast a shadow. 

Which makes it the average third brightest object in the sky after the Moon and Venus, mars matches the brightness of Jupiter at certain points in its orbit.

Jupiter The Great Red Spot 

According to scientists, there has been a severe storm on this planet for about 355 years, which is called ‘The Great Red Spot’. 

Distance from earth to jupiter

Actually, this storm appears like a red spot. It is said about this storm that it is so big that three planets like the Earth can fit into it comfortably. 

Although scientists are constantly keeping an eye on it, they have not been able to find out the secret of how this storm has been going on continuously for hundreds of years.


Distance from earth to jupiter

Distance Units
1 378,038,011 Miles
2 608,365,000 Kilometers
3 1,995,948,165,763.5 FT
4 4.066676679 Astronomical Unit
5 0.0000643041805 Light years

Jupiter gravity 

The eight planets in the solar system, the gravitational force on the planet Jupiter is very high.

Jupiter gravity force 24.79 m/s² 

Some exciting facts about Jupiter 

There are many such surprising facts related to the planet Jupiter, (Distance from earth to jupiter) Jupiter gives the planet a different place from all the other planets in the solar system. Some exciting facts of this planet can be seen through the following points.

  1. Due to high gravity on the Jupiter, it draws the meteorite rotating in the sphere towards it, thus saving Jupiter from many dangerous attacks on the planet Earth. This planet is known as the vacuum cleaner of the solar system. 
  2. The average temperature of the planet Jupiter is -145 ° C and it is one of the very coldest planets. 
  3. About 8 spacecraft were sent from Earth to collect information about the planet Jupiter. Distance from earth to jupiter | Jupiter gravity
  4. If you compare the Earth with the planet Jupiter, Jupiter will be about 11 times heavier than the Earth. 
  5. Jupiter has a much shorter day than other planets on the planet and rotates its distance at a speed of 9 hours 55 minutes. It looks a little flattened due to moving so fast. 
  6. The mass of Jupiter is 18,98,130 trillion kg, that is, Jupiter is about 317.83 times heavier than the Earth. 
  7. Mostly strong winds continue on Jupiter planet, there are many areas here, where winds often run at speeds of 350 KM / h. 
  8. Helium 10% and hydrogen 90% are available in Jupiter. Apart from this, some gases like methane and ammonia particles are present on this planet. 
  9. Jupiter is the largest planet in the Solar System. Its size is so large that all the planets in the solar system can easily fit into it. If we talk about the Earth, then more than 1300 Earths can fit in it comfortably.
  10. Jupiter’s distance from the Sun is 778 million kilometers.
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