Distance Frome Earth To Moon

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Distance Frome Earth To Moon


Distance from earth to moon, The moon is the only natural planetoid on Earth, It is the fifth, largest natural satellite of the solar system. Its shape is round like a ball. And it does not shine by itself, rather it is illuminated by sunlight, 

In space, humans could only step on the moon. Luna-1 of the Soviet nation was the first spacecraft that passed by the moon, but Luna-2 was the first spacecraft to land on the moon. In 1968, only the NASA Apollo program achieved the mission of sending a human mission at that time and the first manned ‘lunar orbiter mission’ was started with Apollo-8.

The distance from earth to moon is

Unit Mean value
Kilometers 384,403
Miles 238,868
Light Year 4.06313971E-8
Meter 384,403,000




NASA Moon Mission 2021


The distance from earth to moon is 384,403 kilometers. 


This distance from earth to moon is 30 times the diameter of the Earth. Gravity on the Moon is 1/4 from the Earth. It completes the circumambulation of the Earth in 24.3 days and also makes a full circle around its axis in 24.3 days.

And also makes a full circle around its axis in 24.3 days. This is why only one part or face of the moon is always towards the earth. If you stand on the moon and look at the earth,

the earth will be seen rotating clearly on its axis, but its position in the sky will always remain constant, that is, keep staring at the earth for many years, it will not budge from its place.

Due to the Earth-Moon-Sun geometry, the “lunar state” changes every 29.5 days. In terms of size, it is the largest natural satellite in the Solar System, which is one-fourth of the Earth’s diameter and 1/61 of its mass, relative to its planet. The moon is the second highest density satellite after Jupiter’s satellite lo. The moon is the most luminous body in the sky after the Sun. Sea tides and reflux come due to the gravitational power of the moon.

Distance Frome Earth To Moon

How long does it take to reach the moon from the earth?

The distance of the moon from the earth depends on what is the speed of the plane we are traveling with?

ESA Smart-1, the lowest speed aircraft on the moon from Earth, arrived on the moon after 1 year, 1 month and 2 weeks.

NASA New Horizons, the fastest aircraft ever, had covered the distance between the moon and the Earth in about 8 hours and 35 minutes.

This is by far the shortest time taken to travel between the earth and the moon.


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