Earth crust layers | 2 Types of Earth Crust Layer

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Earth crust layers

1. Two Types of Earth’s Crust Layer 

2. Earth crust layers


The crust is the solid layer on top of a rocky planet or natural satellite in geology. The material it is made of is chemically different from the layer beneath it called the mantle. Formed in processes in our solar system. When viewed from space, the Earth appears almost like a spherical ball. 

The crust of this spherical earth can be compared to the peel of an orange. It is the thinnest layer on the basis of thickness and its average thickness is considered to be around 33 km. The crust is made up of lighter rocks in which silica and oxygen predominate. 

Two Types of Earth’s Crust Layer 

  1. Primary crust
  2. primordial crust 

Earth Crust Layers 

The crust is the thinnest layer of the earth. Everything we see on Earth comes under the crust. It is about 70 km inside the earth. But if we consider the earth to be the size of an apple, then this crust layer will appear to be thinner than the peel of that apple. 

There are two types of crust layer :-  oceanic crust is found at the bottom of oceans and seas. In general it is stronger, firmer and deeper. Rocks of high density such as basalt etc. are found in this. 

On the other hand, rocks of relatively low density such as granite and sedimentary rocks are found in other continental rocks. [Earth crust layers] The continental crust is found to a greater extent than the oceanic crust. The crust itself is not very strong, but it is bound by many tectonic plates. These tectonic plates also do not remain fixed in one place, but move relative to each other. 

Three types of tectonic plates are found on the basis of geographical location and relationship, which are as follows, Convergent plates, divergent plates, i.e. they move in different directions, conversion plates plates that move in slant directions. The crust layer floats on top of the soft mantle plate. 

[Earth crust layers]

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