Function of midbrain | 10 Skill Activation and Improve

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Function of midbrain

Function of midbrain It is a matter of reading a book with eyes closed or the art of telling the number and color of any note, telling the color of a card seat just after touching it, the children of Kasganj are showing some such amazing feats. 

Actually, it is not a miracle, it is a method called mid brain activation. This is a formula whereby the third part of the brain, ie the mid brain, starts functioning. Meditation and constant practice is required.

Mid brain activation is the formula whereby the third part of the brain ie the mid brain starts working. The brain of a human is divided into three parts.

The first part is the right brain, the second left and the third part is the midbrain. Normally, only two parts of the brain of a human are more active.

Can be used more than usual. By activating this brain, a person can develop his sense and can tell any object or man with his touch with his eyes closed.

Function of midbrain Started in Japan

The course started in Japan. First of all, this course was implemented on the weak children. Later on applying the course to mentally healthy children, there was a tremendous improvement in their memory.

In this process, children are given yoga, meditation and dance. They then put them to music in meditation. With this, he goes into Yojanidra. 

This is all kind of constricted sleep. These are all psychological exercises that develop intelligence. This development is very useful for children’s education and future.

Function of midbrain

Function of midbrain

  1. Logical
  2. Analyze
  3. Mathematics
  4. Language
  5. Creative work
  6. Imagination
  7. Holistic solution
  8. Visualization
  9. Sequencing
  10. Non verbal

Function of midbrain activation improves the personality of a child along with his studies, Apart from brain activation, this course has other advantages.

Such as identifying the color and picture of things with closed eyes. Children can also read letters written in closed book pages.

This is a japenis technique that has been used for many years, midbrain has many benefits, midbrain but there is no scientific proof nor psychological proof of it.

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