Heat waves sunglasses | Eye care in heat waves

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heat waves sunglasses

Summer has arrived, that is, the time has come to buy heat waves sunglasses to protect the eyes from the sun. If you are planning to buy new sunglasses this summer, then we have brought you a lot of useful tips so that you can choose the perfect frame according to your face shape.

Choose heat waves sunglasses 

Heart shape

Those with heart shape faces should avoid wearing large frame sunglasses. Instead, they should buy sunglasses of round glasses, aviators, frameless glass and small frames of bright color. 

Round face

Those with round faces should choose sunglasses whose frame is dark colored. Pointed glasses, square glasses, cat eye frames, butterfly glasses, aviators are the perfect choice for people with round faces.

heat waves sunglasses

Oval face

Those with an oval face should avoid opting for larger frame glasses. On such faces, sunglasses of rectangular, oval, round, butterfly, aviators and cat eye frames will suit you well.

Square face

The large frame and round frame glasses suit on the square face. This summer, people of this face shape can choose for themselves large frame glass, aviators, colored frame glass, frameless glass, cat eyes glass and aviators.

Benefits of wearing heat waves sunglasses

 We start looking stylish and fashionable just after wearing the right glasses. Glasses not only give us a good look, but there are many benefits to wearing them. Come, know the benefits of wearing sunglasses 

heat waves sunglasses

  • Choose glasses : Choose glasses with larger frames to protect the skin as much as possible.
  •  Protects the eyes from sunlight : The delicate skin of the eyes needs to be protected from the sun. These soft parts of our body are not able to tolerate strong sunlight and this causes damage to them, such as yellowing of the white part of the eyes.  Sunglasses protect us from this.
  • Protects the skin from wrinkles : Even if the sun is not hot, the sun may not be visible, but the ultraviolet rays cause damage to the skin, which causes the skin to deteriorate and wrinkles and age more. Sunglasses protect the skin around the forehead and eyes.
  • Wear plastic frame sunglasses : While buying sunglasses, keep in mind that buy glasses with plastic frames. In metallic frame glasses, the sun reflects back on your cheeks.

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