How does a Touch Screen work | Who invented the Touch Screen

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How does a Touch Screen work Who invented the Touch Screen
  1. How does a Touch Screen work
  2. Who invented the Touch Screen


Earlier we needed a mouse and keyboard or keypad to control any device. But now all this has changed with time and in today’s time any device or smartphone can be easily operated with the help of Touch Screen. Touch Screen is an electronic visual display as well as an input device. They are mounted on your smartphone and other devices. With the help of this, you can control anything in your mobile or other device by one touch. 



What is Touch Screen

Touch Screen is an input device in which the user touches the pictures and words available on the computer screen to interact with the computer, which creates pressure at that place. The touch screen on the computer works according to that pressure. 

Touch screen is that screen by touching which it starts working, that is, instead of pressing the button to do any work, only by touching its surface, it acts like the click of the pointer of the mouse, it is called Touch Screen. Touch screen is an electronic visual display that the user can control the screen through the touch of his finger.

Touch screen is a computer screen that allows the user to give commands by touching without the use of keyboard and mouse. Now you can see that the use of Touch Screen has become common now. Manufacturers are now using Touch Screen in most of the devices as well. are being. 



Which devices are using Touch Screen? 

  • Computer and Laptop Monitor
  • Tablets
  • Mobile
  • Electronic Device Screen
  • Watch Screen 



How does a Touch Screen work 

The functions of all touch screens are not the same, but if we talk about its action, then they are very common functions. Using a Touch Screen is very easy, for this we have to touch on the screen and there is an Electrically Conductive Layer under this screen. 


How does a Touch Screen work Who invented the Touch Screen


Electricity flows in the sensor, when the screen is touched, there is a movement in the electricity, due to which it is known at which location the touch has been done. 

When you touch on these displays, then you feel that the display is slightly bent and from here its process starts. And accordingly it sends all the information to the controller for processing. 



Who invented the Touch Screen 

The first touch screen was created by Frank Beck and Bent Stumpe in 1970, at the time they were engineers at Cern, and in 1973 the touch screen was first used. 

After this, in 1971, a new record was set in the technology of Touch Screen by Doctor George Samuel Hurst, at that time he was an Instructor at the University of Kentucky Research Foundation and he invented a Touch Sensor named ‘Elograph’. 

After this, George Samuel Hurst together with his company Elographics in 1974 designed the world’s first real touchscreen, which had features like Transparent. After this, in 1977, Elographics developed the Resistive Touchscreen with its continuous efforts and also patented it in its name. Resistive Touchscreen was the technology that we are using in our smartphone today.


[How does a Touch Screen work | Who invented the Touch Screen]


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