How does lightning work | How does lightning fall on Earth?

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How does lightning work

How does lightning work  

“Lightning” occurs every year during the rainy season, lightning causes thousands of locos to be known every year during the rainy season, [How does lightning work] but do you know how lightning works, how it falls on the earth, how many types of lightning are there, And the phenomenon of Lightning is said to be the highest in the world. 

How is lightning formed ? 

There is a very rapid and large-scale discharge of electricity in lightning / lightning environments, some part of it is directed towards the earth, this is a result of the electric charge difference between the upper and lower part of the cloud. 

Lightning-producing clouds are typically around 10–12 km whose base is about 1-2 km from the Earth’s surface, is up Temperatures at the top range from -35 °C to -45 °C. 

How does lightning work

Since water vapor has a tendency to rise upwards, it gets converted into water due to decrease in temperature, in this process a large amount of heat is produced, due to which the water molecules move upwards. 

Due to which the water molecules move upwards, as they move toward temperatures below zero, the water droplets turn into small ice crystals, [How does lightning work] as they move upward, they gather together on a large scale until they become so heavy that they begin to fall down. 

It moves towards a system where small crystals of ice move upwards while larger crystals move downwards, this causes collisions between them and the electrons are liberated, acting like an electric spark.  

The moving free electrons collide more and become electrons this creates a chain reaction. 

This process produces a situation in which the upper layer of the cloud becomes positively charged while the middle layer is negatively charged, [How does lightning work] there exists a very large “about billions of volts” difference of electrical stress between the two layers. 

In a short time, a huge electric current (millions of amperes) starts flowing between the two layers, this creates heat, causing the air between the two layers of the cloud to heat up, [How does lightning work] due to this heat, the blue color of the air between the two layers appears red during lightning, the warm air expands and produces shock which results in the sound of thunder.

How does lightning fall on Earth? 

Lightning is produced in thunderstorm clouds, the lower surface of these clouds is negatively charged and the upper surface is positively charged, thereby generating positive charge on the ground.
How does lightning work
Money and debt attract each other like magnets, but due to not being a good conductor of air, electric charge is hindered. [How does lightning work] Therefore, the positively charged waves trying to touch the negatively charged surface of the cloud fall to the ground.

Earth is a conductor of electricity, it is relatively positively charged compared to the middle layer of clouds, as a result, an estimated 20–25 percent of the electric current is directed towards the Earth, this electric current damages life and property.

Types of celestial lightning 

  1. Bolt From the Blue
  2. Transient Luminous Events
  3. Ball Lightning
  4. Intracloud and Cloud-To-Cloud Lightning
  5. Cloud-To-Ground Lightning
  6. Cloud to Air
Where does the world become the most lightning event?

How does lightning work

Lake Maracaibo, Venezuela is the biggest power loss incident in the world, in Lake Maracaibo, 232.52 lightning flashes per square kilometer per year.




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