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How Does Wireless Charging Work


Magnetic induction and magnetic resonance are used in wireless charging. Wireless charging also requires a wire but instead of being connected to a mobile phone for it to work, the wireless charger is plugged in.



How Does Wireless Charging Work 

The wireless charger basically works on the inductive charging system. Its entire principle is based on the electromagnetic field. A wireless charger is in the shape of a circular disc, on which it starts charging as soon as the smartphone or other device is placed. There are two parts to this whole charging process. The first part which is called the charging base, its job is to generate the alternating current. 


How Does Wireless Charging Work


It is in the shape of a pad or disc, with a circuit inside it. When you place your phone on it, it transfers the current to the circuit in the phone, so that you start charging the phone. In such a situation, an electromagnetic field is created between your phone and the charging disc which helps in transmitting AC to DC (receiver). 



What is Wireless Charging 

Wireless charging is not magic, for this you will still need a wire. However, the only difference is that you don’t need to connect this wire directly to your device, except you connect it to a charging base. 

Wireless charging uses two resonant inductive couplers to transmit low power signals between two devices. It is specially designed to transmit power without touching each other like a normal wired connection. 

This charging base can be of any size and shape. It is like a car dash. As soon as you place your phone on this base, it automatically starts working. 



How useful is Wireless Charging 

How Does Wireless Charging Work

Is it more convenient to charge a phone without a wire? No, when you go to charge the device, the charging coil of your device and the coil of the charger must be mixed, if there is a slight shake then the charging stops. Along with this, this wireless charging takes a long process, it is able to charge the device in a long time as compared to the common charger.


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