How far is mars from earth | Distance to mars from earth

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How far is mars from earth

How far is mars from earth

Mars, also known as the Red Planet, is one of the closest planets on Earth. (How far is mars from earth) Mars is the second smallest planet in the Solar System after Mercury and it is the fourth closest planet to the Sun.

When you see Mars through telescope from Earth, it appears red, the reason for Mars being red is the excessive amount of iron oxide found on its surface which gives it red color. 

How far is mars from earth 

The distance of Mars planet keeps decreasing or increasing from Earth, (How far is mars from earth ) because Mars takes about two times longer to cover the Sun than Earth, so when Earth and Mars are at their lowest point, then the distance between them is 33,928,440 miles (54,600,000 kilometers). Happens till then. 

How far is mars from earth 

Distance Numbers Different Units
1 54,600,000 Kilometers
2 33,928,440 Miles
3 0.36497916 Astronomical Unit
4 0.00000577122 Light years
5 179,133,858,540 FT


Facts related to Mars 

  1. The distance from Mars to Earth is about 16 million kilometers. And Mars is 14.2 million miles from the sun. Earth is at number three in the solar system and Mars is at number four. 
  2. The atmosphere of Mars is so weak that radioactive rays are bombarded by Mars from space. Oxygen on Mars is also extremely low (only 5%), the outstanding being carbon dioxide gas. 
  3.  “Olympus Mons”, the highest mountain in our solar system, is also located on Mars. The height of this mountain is 24 kilometers.How far is mars from earth
  4. The gravity of Mars is one-third (1/3) of the Earth’s gravity, that is, if your weight is 100 kg on Earth, then due to less gravity on Mars, your weight will be only 37 kg. 
  5. One day of Mars is equal to 24 hours 37 minutes, scientists have claimed that one year on Mars is equivalent to 687 days on Earth. 
  6. Our Earth has only one moon on Earth but there are not one but two moons on Mars, in which one is named Phobos, which is 13.8 miles in diameter, the other is ‘Daimyos’, which is 7.8 miles in diameter, the distance of Phobos from the surface of Mars is only 6000 kilometers while the distance of Earth from the Moon is 3,84000 kilometers.
    How far is mars from earth

    Mars is kept company by two cratered moons — an inner moon named Phobos and an outer moon named Deimos.

  7. Both Mars and Earth are made up of four layers, the first layer is the crust made of iron basaltic stones, the second mantle, which is made of silicate stones, the third and fourth are the outer core and inner core, it is said that they can be made of iron and nickel like the core of the earth. 
  8. The average temperature of Mars is -55 ° C while the temperature here falls to -87 ° C during winter and -5 ° C in summer. 
  9. There is an active volcano on Mars named Olympus Moon, scientists believe that this volcano is about 27.3 kilometers high, its height is that of Earth’s highest volcanic silence and about 3 times higher than Mount Everest, for example, this volcano is spread in the same place as the whole of France. 
  10. Fragments of Mars have been found on Earth, (How far is mars from earth) scientists have found small traces of Mars’ atmosphere within meteorites that were forcefully expelled from ‘Mars’, which then revolved around the solar system as debris in the galaxy for millions of years before colliding on Earth Were, the incident inspired scientists to start studying ‘Mars’ before embarking on a space mission.
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