How many cells in human body

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how many cells in human body

How many cells in human body 

What is human cell

What is human cell : Innumerable types of cells come together to form the whole of our human body. the human cell was discovered in 1665 by Robert Hooke. it is the basic functional structure of the body that has the ability to carry out the functions of human life successfully

A human being is a multicellular creature, in which various cells in the body work together to maintain the body. their size is so small that you cannot see them without a microscope. 

Many cells come together to form a tissue. and innumerable tissues combine to form a human organ that performs specific functions such as the heart filtering the blood coming from the digestive system.

Despite this type of anatomical organization, the whole process stops at the cells. it is such a complex entity that our life is possible.

Function of human cell

The functioning of cells depends on what kind of cell they are and where they are located in the body. these contain hereditary material of the body and these cells are capable of making their copies. 

how many cells in human body

Many kotikangs work together to keep cells alive. cells come to our body, take nutrients from the food we call it, convert it into energy and other substances, process compounds and replicate cells. 

  How many cells in human body 

How many cells in human body : Counting the cells in the human body is a very difficult task. each organ has billions of cells. 

But many scientists and mourners have found the answer to the total number of cells in the human body.

A current estimation of human total cell number calculated for a variety of organs and cell types is presented. These partial data correspond to a total number of 3.72 × 10(13). 

37.2 Trillion to 48.36 Trillion 

how many cells in human body


There are two types of cells

  1. Underdeveloped cells 
  2. Developed cells


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