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Sulfur Dioxide

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Lewis Structure For SO₂, Sulfur Dioxide Special Process


Lewis Structure For SO₂  

Sulfur dioxide is one of the two oxides of sulfur. It belongs to the class of inorganic compounds and has the formula SO₂. Another name is sulphur-IV-oxide.

Coordination: The sulfur dioxide molecule, as might be suspected at first glance, is not linear, but angled. The sulfur atom is in the center, with two oxygen atoms bonded to the sulfur atom. Both the bonds make an angle of 119.5°. 

Lewis Structure For SO₂ , Sulfur Dioxide Special Process

Sulfur Dioxide Special Process 

  1. To prepare sulfur dioxide in the laboratory, dilute sulfuric acid is reacted with sodium sulphite in the following way, from which it comes out as a gas, this process is accomplished as follows. 
  2. Sulfur dioxide is required on a large scale in the industrial sector, so to make it, chemists get it by heating the sulphide ore, (Sulfur Dioxide Advance Information) after that they liquefy this gas i.e. it is converted from gas to liquid state. For this they apply about 25 atm pressure, after liquefaction this sulfur dioxide is filled in steel barrels. 

For example: When an ore of iron sulphide is heated, it produces sulfur dioxide gas, the following reaction takes place in it –

Lewis Structure For SO₂ , Sulfur Dioxide Special Process

Now after this it is liquefied by applying 25 atm pressure on this gas i.e. this gas is changed into liquid – 

Lewis Structure For SO₂ , Sulfur Dioxide Special Process

Similarly, by burning sulfur in air, sulfur dioxide is prepared in the following way: 

Lewis Structure For SO₂ , Sulfur Dioxide Special Process



Sulfur Dioxide Advance Information 

  • The process of producing sulfur dioxide by burning sulfur is relatively new (since desulfurization of natural gas only lasts for a relatively short period of time) and is continuously being developed further.  Technical details and the latest developments can be found in several German flag patents. 
  • The burning of sulfur is the most important method of producing sulfur dioxide today. 
  • Due to the low viscosity of liquid sulfur at 150 °C. 


Sulfur Dioxide Ancient Method 

The starting materials are sulfur-containing ores, mainly zinc blend, galena and copper pyrites (they contain ZnS, PbS and CuFeS₂), as well as pyrite (FeS₂). One would like to extract the metals zinc, lead, copper and iron from these ores. The process used for this is called roasting. 

During roasting, ores, which are ground into small pieces, are placed in special ovens where rotation, stirring, or similar processes ensure that the ore pieces are in constant motion. This is the only way to be sure that the whole part reacts, not just the surface. Now air is blown to a higher temperature (about 650 °C to 900 °C) and the sulfide reacts. 


Chemical and physical properties of sulfur dioxide 

  • It is a colorless gas.
  • It occurs in the form of a gas with a stimulating and strong odor. 
  • It is an acidic oxide.  
  • It is highly soluble in water and the solution formed from its solute is acidic, as it is an acidic oxide.
  • When sulfur dioxide is dissolved in water, it forms sulfurous acid as follows.

Lewis Structure For SO₂ , Sulfur Dioxide Special Process

  • Sulfur dioxide reacts rapidly with sodium hydroxide solution and as a result of the reaction, sodium sulphite is formed as a product, this reaction is as follows. 


Sulfur Dioxide Use 

  • The liquid form of sulfur dioxide is used as a refrigerant. 
  • It is used as a bleach in the paper industry and in articles of wool, silk.
  • It is used in the form of preparation of sulfuric acid. 
  • It is used in the refining of petroleum and sugar. 
  • Oxidizer.
  • Deterrent.
  • Disinfectant.
  • Sugar industry. 


[Lewis Structure For SO₂ | Sulfur Dioxide Special Process]


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