Mineral Oil Is Harmful | Use Of Mineral Oil

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Mineral Oil Is Harmful Use Of Mineral Oil

Use Of Mineral Oil 

Various types of mineral oil are used around the world to keep the skin and hair healthy. Some use mineral oil to remove skin stains and spots, while some to moisturize the skin and make it soft. 

Mineral oil is useful for dry skin. It locks the moisture in the skin itself, so that the skin does not become dry. When this happens, you are also protected from any kind of skin infection and you are also saved from the problem of scars and spots. This keeps your skin beautiful.

This oil is very hydrating and moisturizing, which promotes hair growth. This oil is beneficial to remove dryness of the scalp. For this, massage this oil on the hair and scalp. You can also apply this oil by mixing it with any other oil, which promotes hair growth. You will start seeing the effect in a month. 



Mineral Oil Is Harmful 

Mineral oil has no color or odor, and is derived from petrol. Many years ago it was used only in parts because of its lubricity, but recent research has shown that mineral oil can contain many toxic substances, which can also increase your risk of cancer. Some companies also prescribe mineral oil by other names, such as paraffinum or petrolatum. 

When you apply mineral oil on the body or hair, that area becomes very soft. But mineral oil does not have any properties, nor does it benefit your skin or hair, and moreover, when you apply it on the body, it forms a layer on the body like a plastic, so that your body Has trouble breathing. 

If you often have acne, then the use of mineral oil can make it worse. Also, it forms a layer on the body, due to which wrinkles can also come in your body quickly. Using it for a long time can also be harmful to your health, as it can cause problems like hormone problems. 

It is found in almost everything related to skin, hair and makeup, especially lip balms, foundations, moisturizers and even baby oil or baby oils. 


Mineral Oil Is Harmful Use Of Mineral Oil


What can be used other than mineral oil 

If you really want to apply something nice and natural to your skin and hair, then coconut oil, almond oil and olive oil or shea butter can be beneficial. 



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