Normal temperature of human body | Normal human body temperature

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Normal temperature of human body

 Our body’s Normal temperature of human body is 98.6° F or 37° C Degree 


When we have fever, our body temperature increases. That condition is called fever or pyrexia.

Normal temperature of human body

Raise body temperature

Normal temperature of human body Fever comes, it is found that there are any infections in the body, so fever is a symptom of infection. At the time of infection, our blood and lymphatic system produce white blood cells (WBC)..

We all have fever caused by cold waves and exhaustion in the body 40° to 42° C is considered fever, fever above 41° degree C is considered dangerous, which needs immediate treatment.

Normal temperature of human body

Causes fever or increased body temperature

  1. Virus infection in the body
  2. Bacterial infection
  3. Body heat exhaustion
  4. Swelling
  5. Tumor
  6. High blood pressure and Antibiotics medicines
  7. Vaccination

Types of fever

Normal temperature of human body

1. Low periodic grade Fever 

This dizzy fever is called non-infectious inflammatory diseases.

2. Pel Ebstin Type 

In this case the temperature of the body changes frequently, It may take 3 days for the temperature to rise, then decrease in 3 days. After that, the patient gets fever for 9 days.

3. Hectic or Septic 

A high temperature, with no improvement from antipyretics (fever medicine), indicates septic fever. At this stage the patient should be looked after and reviewed to prevent any deterioration in his / her health.

4. Intermittent fever

In this fever, the high temperature lasts only for a few hours over a period of 24 hours and the temperature remains normal throughout the rest of the day. This process usually repeats itself every other day or a few days. Some diseases responsible for intermittent fever include malaria, pyemia, and septicaemia.

5. Remittent Fever 

This fever fluctuates or does not go down at all. In this, the temperature of the body remains above normal throughout the day and the temperature does not change more than 2° C during this period. This type of fever is seen in patients with typhoid and infected endocarditis.

6. Continuous Fever 

If the body temperature is above normal for more than 24 hours and this temperature has not changed more than 1° Celsius. This type of fever occurs in lobar pneumonia, typhoid, urinary tract infection, urinary tract infection, endocarditis, brucellosis and typhus.

New Study Normal temperature of human body

A major research released earlier this year showed that the average body temperature has dropped by 1° F in the last 150 years.

It is not yet known what exactly caused this decline, but those associated with the study believe that is explained in part by the fact that infectious diseases have decreased.

Infection increases body temperature because the immune system is constantly fighting against pathogens. Note that this study was done using Western patients, so it is not clear whether this is true in India. However, the study describes the range of normal temperatures and the many factors that affect them.

If you have any kind of fever, seek medical advice immediately.


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