What Is a Black Hole?

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pictures of black holes

Pictures of black holes Black holes in space

Black Hole is one of the most mysterious bodies of the Universe so far, so far no direct evidence has been found about them, they are such objects where our knowledge of Physics completely fails.

In a black hole, there is an astronomical object with such a powerful gravitational field that nothing, including light, can escape its pull. 

Black hole in which objects can fall but cannot come out 


It is called “Black” because it also absorbs all the light falling on it, the answer to not increasing in size even after increasing the black hole has now been found.

Black holes can be considered as the last time of a star, when a huge star is nearing its end, it starts shrinking within itself. Eventually it becomes a black hole that can swallow any of the biggest things within itself.

The attraction of a dying star increases so much that all the matter within it collapses and takes the shape of a small black ball. 

Now it has no volume but the density remains infinite, after this, it starts pulling all the objects in the space towards itself, the more things fit within it, the more its strength increases.

Pictures of black holes   Black holes in space

pictures of black holes

Pictures of black holes | Black holes in space

Astronomers separate black holes based on their size


Smaller black holes are called stellar black holes while the larger ones are called supermassive black holes, their weight is so high that a black hole can be equal to millions of suns, the first black hole was confirmed in the year 1972.

Stephen Hawking Fact

Stephen Hawking gave the fact of the event horizon on the black hole, its exterior is called Event Horizon, radiation keeps coming out from it, which is named Hawking Radiation.

Because of this, there comes a day when a black hole loses its mass, going into this black hole, light, time, space all lose their meaning.

No one has been able to know what will happen after moving here, it may be that you reach a new planet or it burns down, It is also possible for an object to remain inside the hole and remain the same for eternity. 

What will happen if you fall into a black hole

What will happen if you fall into a black hole? Perhaps you think that you will die, but in such a situation many other things can happen to you apart from this.

A black hole is a place in space where no laws of physics work, and its gravitational field is very powerful.

Nothing can be saved from its vibe, even after entering here, the light does not come out, it absorbs all the light falling on it.

Einstein has said that the gravity of anything wraps the space around it and gives it a curve-like shape. 

Burnt to ashes, it is not necessary

May be you have gone out on a different planet in search of life or you have got out of a spacecraft and only then you are hit by a black hole.

Your guess is that the black hole will crush you, However, the reality may be quite different from this. 

If you are hit by a blackhole, two things can happen to you, either you will be burnt to ashes immediately or you will be trapped in a black hole without any loss. 

When a giant star reaches its end, it starts to shrink within itself, gradually, it becomes a huge black hole and starts covering everything in itself.

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