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Shingles rashes

Herpes zoster is a disease in which small watery grains appear on our skin. In this disease, several grains come out simultaneously on the same side of the patient’s body on the same side. many research has revealed that after 40 it is more likely. It hurts awfully.

The disease is caused by the varicella zoster virus, a chicken pox virus. the patient gets pain and fever when there is a rash on the body. It is an infectious disease, so it is important to take precautions.

Therefore, it is very important to be careful. the disease usually occurs in the person who has had chicken pox before or has been exposed to chicken pox.

If this varicella zoster virus is already present in your body, then you can suffer from this disease. after the chicken pox is cured, the virus goes into the nervous system and remains dormant there for years.

Shingles rashes due to low immunity

A recent study has revealed that adults exposed to a child with chickenpox at home are less likely to develop Shingles rashes or skin diseases,

But vaccination is still the best way to protect yourself from these skin diseases. The research was published on wednesday in BMJ, england. researchers in England note that their findings support the theory that after chickenpox in childhood, when you are exposed to the herpes zoster virus as an adult, immunity increases, but does not provide complete protection.  

What is shingles rashes

Shingles rashes is a skin disease. this is more so for those whose immunity system is weak. sometimes it can be due to stress, injury, reaction of some medicines or even other reasons. this is mainly due to the reactivation of herpes zoster virus hidden in nerve roots. 

Shingles images

Shingles rashes | Shingles images

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Varicella zoster is a type of herpes virus, which also causes chickenpox. many times the virus remains in the body even after chickenpox, which gets reactivated in some people. It is for this reason that Cause of shingles disease occurs. blisters appear on the skin of the body when there are Shingles rashes. 

It takes 10-20 days to cure this disease

For the treatment of the disease, the antivirus medicine, acyclovir, is given to the patient so that the virus present in his body is destroyed. this drug is mainly used to treat herpes zoster. 

Apart from this, famciclovir and valacyclovir medicines can also be given to the patient. supportive treatment is also provided to the patient with these medicines. under this, lotions or ointments etc. are used to apply on the grains. It takes two to three weeks i.e 10 to 20 days to recover from this disease.

Since in this disease many times, the patient has a lot of pain, then in such a situation, a vaccine called jostavax is given to avoid pain. every person since the age of 55 in the US is given this vaccine so that the disease can be avoided. taking this vaccine reduces the risk of getting the disease.

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