What are galaxies | Galaxies names | Closest galaxy to milky way

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What are galaxies | Galaxies names | Closest galaxy to milky way

What Are Galaxies

After all, what are galaxies and how does it work? This question comes in our mind many times, so let’s know about it in detail.

Our solar system is just a small part of the Milky Way, you say that such a small part is beyond imagination. the Milky Way is a combined form of a lot of gases, dust and billions of planetary solar systems.

In other words, you can understand this in such a way that many planets together form a solar system. and such billions – more than billions of solar systems make up a galaxy.
What are galaxies
A galaxy is a giant form in which along with the solar system, there is a combination of dust particles, many gases as well, The galaxy is fully connected to the force of gravity. there is also a very heavy black hole in the very center of our galaxy.

We can also see other stars present in the galaxy, The way all of us live in a galaxy made up of billions of planets, there are many similar skyguys present, This is as much as we could never count.

Scientists believe that there can be more than a billion trillion galaxies in this universe, which can never be counted.

Some galaxies have the shape of a horoscope, like the galaxy in which we live also comes from the shape of the horoscope. others are in the shape of an oval or long circle and some others are also in a strange shape which are not connected.  Perhaps it is the functioning of those sky Ganges that makes them like this.
What are galaxies | Galaxies names | Closest galaxy to milky way
As soon as the galaxy breaks, the gases and planets present in it are separated and destroyed. our earth, like other ganges ganges, will one day be broken and destroyed by fighting the galaxy. the name of the nearest sky ganga near our galaxy is “Andromeda”, which will one day collide with the earth and destroy both the galaxy Andromeda and our sky ganga.

Galaxies names

21 Galaxies Names
1 Milky Way
2 Andromeda 
3 Backward
4 Bode’s
5 Black Eye
6 Butterfly
7 Cartwheel
8 Cigar
9 Circinus
10 Coma Pinwheel
11 Comet
12 Cosmos Redshift 7
13 Eye of Sauron
14 Fireworks
15 Hockey Stick
16 Hoag’s Object
17 Large Magellanic Cloud
18 Lindsay-Shapley Ring
19 Little Sombrero
20 Malin 1
21 Medusa Merger

 Closest Galaxy to Milky Way

Just like our Milky Way Galaxy, so is our neighboring galaxy, which we know by the name of ANDROMEDA. 

What are galaxies | Galaxies names | Closest galaxy to milky way

The nearest galaxy to earth is named andromeda galaxy, in 2019, a research claimed that this galaxy has been eating a smaller galaxy than its own for the last 10 billion years, the andromeda galaxy will collide with the Milky Way Galaxy in the next 4.5 billion years, now, time will tell which of these two galaxies will eat which one.

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