What Are Tardigrades | Tardigrades Size

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What Are Tardigrades | Tardigrades Size
1 What Are Tardigrades
2 Tardigrades can survive even in high radiation 
3 Tardigrades Size
4 Where Are Tardigrades Found
5 Research On Tardigrades
6 Tardigrades lives for thousands of years without eating and drinking
7 Tardigrades Reproduce In Two Ways



What Are Tardigrades 

Tardigrades are an eight-legged microbe that lives in water. They were found in 1773 by a biologist named “John Getza.” Tardigrades live almost everywhere on Earth, from mountains to deep oceans and from rainforests to Antarctica. 



Tardigrades can survive even in high radiation 

Tardigrades have the ability to tolerate radiation 1000 times more than humans. They absorb ultraviolet radiation and convert it into non-harmful rays. 

The radiation due to which even a healthy person ends up in death in days or weeks, a small sea creature remains fine even after suffering thousand times of that radiation. This creature is also called Water Bear or Tardigrade. Tardigrades are so strong that even the deadly radiation of space is neutralized on them. Now this organism can be used in medical science. 



Tardigrades Size 

This microscopic organism is quite small in size but it can be seen under a microscope. This water living creature can be from 0.05 millimeters to 1.2 mm in size. But it has been seen that most of them are found only in size less than 1 mm. 



Where Are Tardigrades Found 

This creature lives everywhere on this earth, but it’s favorite place is the sources of water, they are often found in lakes, ponds and everywhere where there is water. You shouldn’t be surprised to learn that they can be in your glass of water, too. These organisms can survive in any environment and conditions. 

Scientists have found in their research that this organism can survive in any kind of temperature (the coldest and warmest on earth). These creatures remain alive even in -200°C to 150°C. 


What Are Tardigrades | Tardigrades Size

Research On Tardigrades 

According to the research of scientists, the existence of tardigrades will continue till the end of the sun. Scientists believe that tardigrades will be the last living forms on Earth and will live longer than humans. They also believed that they could survive even in huge devastation. Research also suggests that tardigrades will live ten billion years longer than humans. 

According to research, tardigrades can survive even in those conditions and huge devastation which is fatal for other creatures living on earth. For example, asteroids, supernova explosions, gamma ray explosions, etc. This research will strengthen the possibility of Mars and other planets where human life is possible. 



Tardigrades lives for thousands of years without eating and drinking 

This creature can remain alive for many thousand years even after eating it and drinking it, it just keeps getting liquid somehow. His amazing talent has attracted the attention of scientists like him. In the near future, scientists will be able to make a lot by studying the structure of tardigrades and its system.


What Are Tardigrades | Tardigrades Size

Tardigrades Reproduce In Two Ways 

  1. Sexual
  2. Unsexual 

Sex requires a partner. But on the other hand, in asexual, he can give birth to a child himself, that is, by dividing himself and in many ways, he can give birth to a child. 

Talking about food, they eat bacteria and liquid things and they tear the cell of any thing and suck the nutrients from it. 

The cell is the smallest part of any living thing. Tissue or tissue is formed by joining the cell and by joining the tissue, muscle and muscle form a living being. 


[What Are Tardigrades | Tardigrades Size]

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