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What Hybrid Car | What Is The Best Hybrid Car

What Hybrid Car 

In the midst of increasing pollution around the world, the trend of electric and hybrid cars has started increasing in big countries. A car made with hybrid technology is not only better in terms of reducing pollution, but it also makes your journey cheaper by reducing the cost of fuel. 

A hybrid car is a vehicle that has two types of engines. A car has a petrol or diesel engine and the other is an electric engine i.e. any hybrid car has an electric engine with a petrol engine or an electric engine with a diesel engine. This technology is called hybrid and in this both the engines supply power to the car. 

Hybrid car is different from other cars because it runs on two engines. The car runs either entirely on a petrol or diesel engine, or entirely on a battery, or a mixture of a battery engine with a petrol or diesel engine. Of these, the technology used in hybrid cars is the same way their engines supply power. 

In normal cars only petrol or diesel engines are installed. But the technology of two engines is used in a hybrid car. The combined power technology of fuel engine and electric motor makes these cars hybrid. Along with this, if the fuel of a car runs out, then the electric motor in the car helps the car to travel up to a few kilometers. [What Hybrid Car] Due to not being completely electric, these cars are able to travel only a short distance when they run out of fuel. Along with this, the hybrid car saves fuel by 20 to 30 percent compared to the normal car.


What Hybrid Car | What Is The Best Hybrid Car

 Three Types Of Hybrid Cars

1. Parallel hybrid car

This is the most popular type of hybrid car. This type of hybrid car can be driven in three different modes including directly with the engine, directly with the electric motor and with the help of both. 

2. Range extender hybrid car 

This type of hybrid car uses its conventional engine to generate electricity to a generator, which recharges the battery. Its engine never drives the car, it only generates energy for the electric motor. 

Hybrid cars can also be divided on the basis of mild and strong, although it depends on the power capacity of their battery. A car with a higher battery capacity can run more than a mild one with just electric power. 

3. Plug in hybrid 

As the name suggests, this type of car can be used to charge the battery from the electric station, as well as charge it on the go. It is placed between a traditional hybrid car and an electric vehicle. 

Plug-in hybrids also have a conventional engine, but their battery is larger than the front-end hybrid cars. [What Hybrid Car] Because of which a long distance can be covered only by using electric power. 



What Is The Best Hybrid Car 

Honda, Accord and Toyota Camry are considered to be the most popular hybrid cars.


What Hybrid Car | What Is The Best Hybrid Car

Hybrid Car Benefits 

  • Hybrid cars reduce pollution:- The biggest feature of electric or hybrid cars is that pollution from such cars is very less. If you are driving the car at a slow speed, then the electric motor gives power to the car and you spend less fuel. It also reduces pollution as compared to petrol/diesel cars.
  • Electric motor with fuel engine:- Electric motor and battery are also used with fuel engines in such cars. In this, the fuel engine and electric motor work together, due to which the mileage of the car is high. The electric motor takes power from the battery.  
  • The car will run even after the fuel runs out:- Sometimes such a car is most useful when the fuel runs out suddenly. When the fuel runs out, you can drive the car for a few more kilometers with the help of an electric motor. Such a car proves to be very beneficial in difficult times. 
  • Smoother to drive:- Hybrid cars are much smoother to drive than regular fuel cars. In these cars, noise and vibration also work due to the electric motor. Due to which you will make your journey very easy. 



[What Hybrid Car | What Is The Best Hybrid Car]

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