What is Camphor | Camphor Benefits | Camphor Uses

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What is Camphor | Camphor Benefits | Camphor Uses

What is Camphor | Camphor Benefits | Camphor Uses

It must be a little surprising to know this, but there is no doubt that it can be used as a medicine. The question may arise in the minds of many people, how?

In this article, we try to know the benefits and uses of camphor as well as all the aspects related to it, which make it a great option for the treatment of many diseases.

What is camphor 

Camphor is a white or transparent material similar to wax, which is obtained from some special trees. It is flammable and has a strong smell. There are three main types of camphor depending on the availability of trees found in different places.

  1. Cinnamomum camphora species
  2. Dryobalanops aromatica
  3. Blumea species

Camphor is a naturally occurring chemical compound derived from the bark of camphor tree. For its aroma, camphor tablets are prepared from the popular turpentine.

Kapoor originated in India, China and Japan. Most of its cultivation is done in tropical regions of the world, it is listed as a toxic plant in the ‘Global Invasive Species Database’.[What is Camphor, Camphor Benefits, Camphor Uses] Kapooris an evergreen tree that grows to a height of 60 feet. Its tree grows very fast. The camphor trees found in India are small and their leaves are two and a half to 4 inches long, it has small white flowers and its round shaped fruit is purple to black in color.

Camphor Benefits 

In nature, these turpentines are an important part of the natural defense system of plants. Turpentine cannot be eaten, but its use provides many benefits. [What is Camphor, Camphor Benefits, Camphor Uses] Camphor is known for its medicinal and hygienic properties in traditional and western medicine systems. Camphor helps in getting relief from many problems like phlegm freezing, pain and swelling. Even in some studies, it has been said that camphor is effective in curing skin burns and fungal infections.

Camphor Uses 

Benefit of Camphor Oil to Treat PimplesWhat is Camphor |  Camphor Benefits | Camphor Uses

Camphor is used in relieving skin diseases, such as acne, camphor has healing properties which helps in quick healing of pimples. Also, due to its softness and inflammation-reducing properties in camphor, it also reduces acne inflammation and prevents pimples from coming.

Benefit of Camphor in Cough and Cold

Most of the people are vulnerable to colds as the weather changes. Cold is a problem in which no one feels like working due to runny nose, headache. Colds can be cured quickly with camphor. The benefits of camphor are also found here. Putting camphor in warm water and smelling the steam emanating from it provides benefits in diseases related to phlegm and colds.

Remove fungal infections from Camphor 

What is Camphor |  Camphor Benefits | Camphor Uses

Kapoor is also very beneficial in fungal infections. Whenever you have itching or fungal infection, mix camphor in coconut oil and massage it on the infected area, you will get relief soon.


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