What is RAM | 2 Types of RAM

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What is RAM 2 Types of RAM

RAM is very important in the computer, without RAM any computer can not even start. Whenever we turn on a smartphone or computer, the operating system is first loaded into the RAM, so that we are able to use the computer. 



What is RAM 

As we know, there are two types of memory in any computer device, primary memory and secondary memory. Here RAM is the primary storage. Whereas a hard disk is a secondary memory. 

The full form of RAM is “Random Access Memory”, this is also called Main Memory of Computer. This is a temporary storage i.e. as soon as the device is turned off, the data stored in it is automatically removed. After that that data cannot be brought back. That is why RAM is also called volatile memory. This is a memory consisting of a semiconductor and a flip-flop. 

For example, if you open a file stored in the internal memory of your computer, then the memory on which that file runs is RAM. So when we run many apps on our device simultaneously, then our device slows down due to an increase in RAM load. 



Generally there are 2 Types of RAM 

  1. SRAM:- The full name of SRAM is Static Random Access Memory. The data on the device is also lost when the device is turned off. It accesses the data fast, hence it is also called cache memory. SRAM is made up of flip-flops so it is less refreshed.
  2. DRAM:- DRAM stands for Dynamic Random Access Memory. Its data reading speed is a bit low in comparison to SRAM, due to which it has to be refreshed again and again. It refreshes a thousand times per second and DRAM is much lower priced than SRAM. This RAM is used in most of the devices.


[What is RAM | 2 Types of RAM]

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