What is steroids | 10 Side effects of steroids

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What is steroids | 10 Side effects of steroids

What is steroids 

In simple language, the full name of the drug called steroid is anabolic androgenic steroid which is also known as AAS in short form. It is a man-made hormone that is related to human sex and development, and promote muscle growth.  

This drug promotes testosterone and Dihydrotestosterone in the human body, the steroid was first produced and tested in 1930, and was then used to manufacture growth hormone.

There are two types of steroids, natural and artificial, The natural steroids is a type of hormone that is formed naturally in the adrenal glands of our data. [What is steroids] It helps in the development and proper functioning of the organs, cells and glands of the tartar.  

At the same time, artificial or man-made steatoid is a type of medicine, which has the properties of hormones produced in the katit. It has two types – corticosteroids and anabolic steroids.

How does steroids work? 

What is steroids | 10 Side effects of steroids

The immune system is made up of many specialized sales, these sales do a lot of work, one of these is to release the inflammatory chemicals into the bite. Inflammation is necessary to fight many types of infections, [What is steroids] but sometimes it also causes some allergic and autoimmune diseases.

In such a situation, by consuming corticosteroids, this drug enters the immune system and neutralizes the genes of inflammation-causing chemicals, thus, it helps in controlling allergic and autoimmune diseases.

Side effects of steroids

The unwanted side effects of corticosteroids depend on both its dose and duration of treatment, there are not many side effects if steroids are taken for short duration or in low doses.

But sometimes they can cause minor side effects, such as increased appetite, changes in mood and difficulty sleeping, etc. These are the most common effects that occur with steroid pills.
What is steroids | 10 Side effects of steroids
Side effects of anabolic steroids
What are the adverse effects of anabolic steroid (AAS) use on the product, the user’s age and gender, how much use and for how long? Depend on it.

  1. Pimples can occur.
  2. Fluid retention may cause discomfort.
  3. There may be pain or discomfort while urinating.
  4. Enlargement of male breasts, known as gynecomastia.
  5. Red blood cell count may increase more.
  6. “Good” HDL cholesterol levels can decrease and “bad” LDL cholesterol levels can rise.
  7. A sudden increase in hair growth or hair fall may begin.
  8. A decrease in sperm count and infertility can also occur.
  9. There may be a change in libido.
  10. Long-term use of steroids may increase the risk of fungal infection.
[What is steroids]


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