What is thermal power plant | Thermal power plant working

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What is thermal power plant | Thermal power plant working

What is thermal power plant

Coal is the largest source of electricity generation in the whole world. The plants that generate electricity from coal are called thermal power plants. Western countries are trying to close the thermal power plants in a phased manner from the point of view of environmental protection. Britain will close its thermal power plant by 2025. 

In the context of the European Union, it has been decided to close most of the thermal power plants to reduce pollution. Not only Europe but America is also moving towards shutting down coal-fired power plants. 

A thermal power plant is a power plant that converts the thermal energy contained in coal into electrical energy. In a Thermal Power Plant, and thermal energy is generated by burning coal and again water is converted into vapor from this thermal energy. 

The thermal power plant work of converting water into vapor takes place in the boiler. When the steam pressure generated in the boiler increases or turns the turbine to which the alternator is connected and this alternator generates electrical energy. [What is thermal power plant] There are three important parts of any thermal power which include alternator, boiler and turbine. 

In order to increase the efficiency of a thermal power plant or work efficiently, it is necessary that the thermal energy generated after the burning of coal is fully utilized. 

Coal Handling in Thermal Power Plant The main function of the power plant is to provide coal regularly to the boiler. The ash handling system works to handle the ash generated after the burning of coal. 



How Thermal Power Plant Working 

In conventional thermal power stations, fuel is used to heat water, which produces steam under high pressure. This drives turbines to generate electricity. In the central part of the power stations is a generator which is a rotating machine that converts mechanical energy into electrical energy by creating relative motion between the magnetic field and the conductor. 

The power source to rotate the generator varies. This largely depends on the type of fuel readily available and the technology used. 

When coal is used to generate electricity, it is usually first made into powder and then burned in a furnace equipped with a boiler. The heat from the furnace converts the boiler water into steam and is then used to drive a turbine. These turbines spin the generators and generate electricity. 

The thermodynamic efficiency of this process has improved over time. “Standard” steam turbines have achieved the most advanced thermodynamic efficiency of approximately 35 O for the entire process with some advanced improvements, meaning that 65 O of ​​coal energy waste heat is released into the surrounding environment. Older coal power plants, especially older ones, are of very low efficiency and produce very high levels of waste heat. About 40 O of the world’s electricity is obtained from coal. 

The by-products of thermal power plant operation need to be considered from both design and operational point of view. Due to the assured efficiency of the electric cycle, waste heat is often released into the atmosphere using cooling towers, or using river or lake water as the cooling medium. The fuel gas produced by the burning of fossil fuels is released into the air. 

It contains carbon dioxide and water vapor, and other substances such as nitrogen, nitrous oxide, sulfur oxide and (in the case of coal plants) fly ash and mercury. [Thermal power plant working] The solid waste ash generated from coal fired boilers is removed. This ash can be reused as a building material. 


[What is thermal power plant And Thermal power plant working] 

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