Where is the Pacific Ocean | Depth of Pacific Ocean

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Where is the Pacific Ocean Depth of Pacific Ocean

70.92% of the Earth’s surface is covered by sea water. There are a total of 5 oceans on Earth – Pacific Ocean, ie Pacific Ocean, Atlantic Ocean, Indian Ocean, (Where is the Pacific Ocean) Arctic Ocean and Antarctic Ocean or Southern Ocean. The Pacific Ocean is the largest and Depth of Pacific Ocean. 



Where is the Pacific Ocean 

The Pacific Ocean separates Asia and Australia from the Americas. There are many islands like Japan, Philippines, and Hinesia on the western side of the Pacific Ocean. So far 25 thousand islands have been discovered inside this sea. About 55 countries are present on its border including America, Canada, Japan, Australia and China. 


Area of ​​the Pacific Ocean 

The area of ​​the Pacific Ocean is about 165,250,000 square kilometers. Its area in square miles is about 638 million square miles, that is, more than twice that of the Atlantic Ocean. It contains 45.8% water of all the world’s oceans. It is spread over a width of about 19800 km from east to west and about 15500 km in length from north to south. 


Depth of Pacific Ocean 

The Pacific Ocean is also the world’s deepest ocean? Its average depth is 3939 meters i.e. about 14,000 feet and maximum depth is about 36,201 feet. The surface of this ocean, mainly in the west, is covered with many large trenches, of which the Mariana Trench is prominent. It is the deepest ocean trough in the world, whose depth is 10,994 meters i.e. about 36069 feet. The northern part of the Pacific Ocean is the deepest. Its maximum depth has been measured so far at 11,022 meters. 

Where is the Pacific Ocean Depth of Pacific Ocean

Pacific Ocean Water Animal 

Within the Pacific Ocean lies a mysterious world of water creatures. It is home to the world’s largest creature, the Blue Whale. About 70 percent of the fishes of all the seas are found in this. All species of penguins are also found in it. The world’s largest octopus is also found in this sea. However, you will be surprised to know that the white dolphin is found only in the Pacific Ocean. 


Pacific Ocean East and West Coast 

There is a big difference between its eastern and western sides. On the eastern side there is a series of mountains, or the sea plain is very narrow. For this reason, there is a lack of good ports and civilization has not progressed much. The Bering Strait is covered with ice, which obstructs traffic. 

On the contrary there is no mountain on this western side. Rather there are many islands, creeks, peninsulas and deltas. On the western side there are about 7,000 islands of Japan, Philippines, India etc. On this bank, the world’s big rivers fall into it, whose deltas are densely populated and have good ports. 

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