Who Discovered Electricity ?

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Who Discovered Electricity ?

Who Discovered Electricity First ?

There are some inventions in the world that change the world such as the invention of fire, the discovery of fire, the discovery of oil, the invention of the Internet, there are many other things that take the world to a new height.

ELECTRICITY is a form of energy that is already known in nature, so it was not invented but who discovered electricity, connection was made between light and electricity with the help of a lot of experiments.

Benjamin Franklin Discovered Electricity

But to find it  Credit is given to Benjamin Franklin in 600 BCE, the Thalis, a Greek resident, were aware that after rubbing some objects, they attracted light objects to them.

Who Discovered Electricity ?

But by the 17th century, there were many discoveries related to Electricity. Such as Electrostatic Generator, positive and negative currents in electricity and conductors or insulators were classified.

In 1752, Ben Franklin, with the help of a kite and key, proved that both lighting and a small electric spark would be the same thing.

After this, in 1800, the Italian physicist Alessandro Volta found in an experiment that with the help of special chemical reactions we can also create electricity.

And he invented the voltaic pile in the year 1800 itself, which was like the present-day utensil.

In 1831, Michael Faraday created an experiment using a copper wire and a magnet, after which a way of continuously generating electricity was found.

For this experiment, Faraday moved the magnets inside a copper coil, and electricity began to be generated.

Using this experiment, in 1878, American scientist Thomas Edison and British scientist Joseph Swan invented the filament light bulb in their own countries.
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