Who discovered the electron | Who discovered the neutron

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Who discovered the electron | Who discovered the neutron

Here we will know when Who discovered the electron and who discovered the neutron


Who discovered the electron : Electron is a subatomic particle, that is, a small part of the electron atom that is negatively charged, that is the definition of electron, in fact atom is the smallest part of anything but atom also has small part ie Subatomic particle in which one part is electron atom, the nucleus rotates.

Who discovered the electron

The things that we see all around us are made up of atoms and the atom is made up of nuclei and electrons, so electron is a component of all things.

Electron was discovered by Joseph J Thomson in 1897 when he was experimenting on cathode ray discharge tube how electron was discovered and what was the work of cathode ray discharge tube.

The electron was the first particle that was found to be smaller than the atom, earlier the atom was considered to be the smallest particle and it was believed that the atom cannot be divided because it is the smallest particle. 

But after the discovery of the 1897 electron by Joseph J Thomson, the electron was considered to be the primary particle and was told that it is the smallest particle.


Who discovered the electron | Who discovered the neutron

When and who discovered the neutron

 Neutrons were discovered in 1932 by James Chendwick 

 In 1920, when protons were discovered by ernest rutherford, chendwick worked with them when it was speculated that even a chargeless particle was expected to be found in the atom because the values ​​of atomic weight and atomic number were different at that time, were coming apart.

After this, different scientists conducted many experiments and to some extent speculated that in the atom there can be any particles other than electrons and protons.

The neutron was discovered by British physicist James Chadwick in 1931, a neutron is a chargeless fundamental particle, which is found with a proton in the nucleus of an atom, it is denoted by “n”.

A neutron is a subatomic particle found in the nucleus of an atom of all types of matter.

A neutron is an electrically neutral particle with a mass of 1.67493 × 10−27 kg,

Which is 1,839 times the mass of the electron, neutron is not completely a fundamental particle, but it is made up of even more small temporary microscopic particles called quarks, the neutron is made up of three quarks, which have two down quarks and one up quork.

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