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Who Invented The Bluetooth

Bluetooth is a wireless technology for exchanging data, with this technology you can send and receive data from any device, with the help of Bluetooth, you can receive and send data from any device without cable, today phone, computer laptop. Bluetooth technology is included in almost many devices. 

Today, there are many apps available to transfer data from one device to another and the data transfer takes place in some time. But a few years ago, only Bluetooth was used for data transfer. 



Who Invented The Bluetooth 

Who Invented The Bluetooth:-  Bluetooth was invented by “Jaap Haartsen”. Who laid the foundation for the technology that came to be known as Bluetooth in 1994. Often the name of the engineer who invented the Bluetooth is Jaap Haartsen, a Dutch electrical engineer. Who is working for Ericsson! 

Bluetooth plays a major role in creating standards and specifications for wireless technology. Swedish inventor Johan Ullman also contributed significantly to the invention of Bluetooth when he invented the Telephone Communication Headset in 1993. Which led to the development of hands-free headset When bluetooth was invented! Jaap Haartsen developed the standard for Bluetooth in 1999. 




How to use bluetooth device 

Today Bluetooth is used to connect electronic devices in addition to data transfer. 

Who Invented The Bluetooth

  • Keyboard and bluetooth mouse
  • Bluetooth watch or bluetooth fitness monitor
  • Lock
  • Speakers
  • Car
  • Headphones



Bluetooth Network Technology 

A few years ago, every electronic device was connected using a wire. Bluetooth devices use radio waves instead of wires or cables to connect to a phone or computer. 

Bluetooth is a Computing and Telecom Industry Specification! Which tells how the devices can communicate with each other. Devices that use Bluetooth include computers, a computer keyboard and mouse, personal digital assistants, and smartphones. 

Bluetooth is an RF technology working on 2.4 GHz. It has an effective range of 32 ft (10 m), differing power class, transfer rate of 1 Mbps and throughput of 721 KBPS.  

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